Originally from Boston, Solo Down has led a full life's journey that has taken him over, up and through the heart of America on the road that travels constantly on... through the trials, sorrows and joys. Learning and hangin' with musicians, some famous - many now gone - Solo found that expression is what makes the journey possible, and that expression must be, for him, a legacy of song.


        Along the way, Solo taught himself how a barnful of instruments and to sing with a brimmin' heart, full sound, and a style like no other. Coming full circle, Solo is now again in Boston (home to the Americana Revival), "gittin' it all down" and celebrating his long journey in portfolio of song. The result is a powerful gumbo of styles with a distinctly contemporary pedigree, with lyrics that speak of truths and happiness often left unheeded.


        Songs that convey the longing, sadness, hope, joy and salvation of the American spirit; Songs with a self-reliant synergy of composition; A rich and fully orchestrated ‘wall of sound’ with guitar and keyboard emphasis and high fidelity recording are all resonating hallmarks of Solo Down’s work.

       All done solely by Solo Down himself, with over a dozen instruments at play; Solo Down’s debut album from his own extensive songbook entitled “Hero or the Fool” embodies the heart and soul – and soarin’ spirit – of America…
And, as either hero or fool, he has stepped out, one foot in front of another, to stake a well-earned claim in the legacy of American music.






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