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"About as strong a debut album as I've heard. Solo Down's 'Hero' is chock full of hits..." -- A.R.

" Chill factor ten every track!..." -- L. at R.O.A.

"If Creedence Clearwater Revival, or the Band, came back they'd need to listen to
Solo Down first to come up to speed!" -- J.A.

"Toe-tapping insight into the human condition with a distinctly American point of view..." --R.M.

"Vocals that break your heart-then patch it all together..." -- G.W.

"Familiar but something new all together. If Roy Orbinson had been the inspiration for the 60's
rather than the Beatles then the outcome at its height would have been Solo Down..." -- M.S.

"Thanks for the best marriage yet of country and rock..." -- S.S.

"... witty and passionate in deep country-style sensibilities... brings a rich accompaniment and
production ...with an updated ‘wall of sound’ approach many see as foreign to Nashville-influenced
recording. Remarkably done by Solo Down as a ‘one man band’..." -- K.T.




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